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CASA Logistics are specialists in the provision of transportation of goods or “freight forwarding ” to domestic and international locations. Freight forwarding can cover import, export and third party movements and goods can range from furniture, cars and electronics to clothing, produce, machinery and parts. This includes dangerous or oversized goods.

About Casa Logistics

CASA Logistics are specialists in the provision of freight forwarding, exporting, importing, customs clearances and 3PL . The full range of services available ensures that goods are delivered on time and in the most cost-efficient manner possible for customers. With experience and partners across the globe, CASA is available to transport freight wherever our customers require


Air Freight

Air freight is known as the expedited form of forwarding. Reliability and speed are amongst the benefits, whilst web-based tracking allows the real-time status of freight to be monitored from destination to arrival. Forwarding freight via air can allow for a direct to location service.

Ocean Freight

Sea Freight is also a reliable method of freight forwarding and is often the premium choice for high-volume freight. 



The road freight transport industry may very well be the most important part of the logistics industry. Because it serves as the link between sea freight transport and air freight transport providers. Without it, there would be no way the goods at the ports or the airports could be transported. Making it to their destinations safely, properly and on time.


CASA manages the freight shipped from Australia to all parts of the world and has a long-established global network and shipping line relationship to offer clients complete cargo control, including air or sea cargo consolidation

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance and procedures are an essential part of solution offering.With attention to detail and a fully computerized EDI link with Australian Customs, the team will ensure all import and export cargo is cleared quickly and efficiently.



3PL provider manages an inventory shipment between a company and the buyer through Warehousing and distribution service that meets expectations of quality in productivity, costs, and service. These solutions best contribute to the success of delivering goods to consumers on time.

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