With more strikes planned this week and next, the company is weighing options to get back to normal operations. DP World manages almost 40% of the goods flowing in and out of Australia.

Freight deliveries are running about two weeks behind schedule, a spokesman said by phone. DP World has said it may take weeks for normal services to resume.

Delay of 5-7 days on an average can be expected in the weeks if the industrial action is not resolved.

Cyber Hack ( Now resolved)

A hack on DP World on Friday and a subsequent shutdown over the weekend left 30,000 containers waiting to be distributed

System Issues (now resolved)
DP World experienced system issues for a number of hours in various terminals, causing significant disruption to operations. DP World senior management however allayed fears confirming that the system issues today were not another cyber incident.

Protected Industrial Action (PIA)  
DP World have today received notice from the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU) of thewithdrawal of certain

DP World has received further industrial action notices from the CFMMEU at the West Swanson Terminal.

A summary of the planned stoppages are outlined below for the dates Monday 27th Nov through to Monday 4th Dec.

Attached is a visual aid.


27th November 2023- 4th December 2023

– 2-hour stoppage starting at 0400hr.

– 2-hour stoppage starting at 1200hr.

– 2-hour stoppage starting at 2000hr.

– 8hr work halt after ship docks.

– Bans on overtime, extensions, call ins and upgrades.

Friday 1st Dec 0600hrs – Saturday 2nd Dec 0600hrs

– 24hr Ban on loading and unloading trucks

Protected industrial actions for the following locations / dates : 

All other dates and times are as per the full list of protected industrial action 

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